I photograph families who value the authenticity of emotive, natural photography and who want to preserve their stories for the years and decades ahead. Photography that makes you feel… that makes your heart burst… this is my goal. Movement, natural light, and families relaxed enough to show who they are… this is what I strive for in my images.   

I know that capturing your individual and authentic family moments requires so much more than a mastery of photography and videography technically (although, don’t worry, I’ve got you on that). It requires creating an environment for you to relax and be yourself, whether you’re the kind of family that is wild and chaotic and shouts your love to the stars or the type of family that is shy yet has all the feels inside.  

So. How will we do that? Candidly, it’s on both of us… but here’s what I propose.


If you haven’t already (but surely you have?), head on over to my portfolio. Make sure you like what you see… because that’s what you’ll get. That’s my style; that’s how I edit; that’s what I deliver to my clients. My photography is emotive, vibrant, and tonal. I’m not light and airy (photographer speak for bright colors, lots of white and pastels); I’m also not dark and moody, although I tend a bit more in that direction. I’m also not the photographer, who is going to make you stand, face the camera, and cheese… you’re going to move around and interact with each other, you’ll snuggle, maybe you’ll have a tickle fight with your kiddos, who I’m almost certainly going to ask to run and jump and play. I’m also not the photographer who is going to airbrush you into someone you aren’t. I’ve got your angles and I know how to use light to make you look your very best… and, of course, I’m going to make sure that your photos are edited in a flattering way. But, that’s as far as I go… because you are beautiful as you are.

If you like my style, that’s the first step toward having confidence in me… and you know what? That confidence is going to allow you to start to trust that I’ve got you and that you don’t have to worry about how you’re holding yourself or how your smile looks… it’ll let you start to be yourself.



we’re going to do everything we can to set you and your loved ones up for success. I’m going to pass along some styling tips and am always happy to provide feedback on outfits. You’re going to choose something you love that feels authentic to who you are and that is comfortable. You’re going to do your best to make sure everyone is well-rested and comfortable and well-fed. We don’t want anyone hangry, after all!

And, then, you’re going to meet me in a beautiful spot that we chose together and you’re going to snuggle up on a blanket or play a little game of tag or go on a hunt for wildflowers or pinecones. You’re going to tell your family how much you love them… or tell your kiddos a story from before they were born… or tell silly jokes that you know will get your family laughing. Whatever it is that you do when you’re relaxed and happy and no one is watching… that. It’s that simple. That’s what we’re going to do.


when all that is happening, I’ve got the rest. I know what lens to use to capture you and the setting. I know how to use artistic blur or focus to highlight your story. I know how to frame your love story with light and shadows and how to capture that perfect balance of the small details and the bigger picture. But, equally as important as this technical aspect, I know silly jokes to tell little ones and how to get you and your husband or wife to pause and think for a moment about where it all started. I know it’s also on me to make sure that you feel comfortable enough to give me a glimpse of who you really are. And, the entire time we’re together, you can bet that I’m going to be focused on doing just that.

After we say our goodbyes, it’s over to me to edit and deliver your images and/or video. You’ll have a sneak peek within two days… and, then, within three weeks, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to your gallery, where you’ll select and download your images and video.

Then, I hope and wish and pray, you’ll look at them over and over again year after year, as you remember that moment in time with the people you love.


Storyteller Collection:  $1,200 + tax               **Fully booked for 2021.             

120 minutes together at a selected location.
Your complete gallery of more than 75 high-resolution digital images for download and personal use and print.
Your 4-6 minute family film in high-definition for download and personal use.
Phone consultation to discuss and plan client styling prior to session.
5×7 archival prints of your 50 favorite images in an heirloom display box.

Heritage Collection:  $800 + tax                     **Fully booked for 2021.   

90 minutes together at a selected location.
25 high-resolution digital images for download and personal use and print.
Your 2-5 minute family film in high-definition for download and personal use.

Memory Collection:  $550 + tax                 **Fully booked for 2021.

60 minutes together at a selected location.
20 high-resolution digital images for download and personal use and print.

** Additional images may be available for $25/file or you may purchase your entire gallery beyond the included images for $250.
** Travel fee beyond The Woodlands, TX, calculated according to distance traveled. Generally, ranging from $25 for travel to Spring, TX to $100 for travel to Galveston, TX. 

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